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Nature photography of a Saskatchewan valley full of aspen trees with fresh spring greens

Tapestry – 2019

This landscape photograph was taken in Qu’appelle Valley in June. Having spent some time driving back and forth from Melville to Regina I began to fall in love with the trees in the Qu’appelle Valley in Saskatchewan. I made it a goal for 2019 to try and get a photo of the spring greens in the valley. It turned out to be a strange spring as an early snow melt combined with cooler temperatures to create unfavourable conditions for a really vibrant spring. 

Undeterred, I notified a couple of friends about my plans to get at least one photo of spring greens. We managed to head out and hike into a little area where the aspen trees had started to get their leaves. As you can see from the photograph, other trees and shrubs were still holding on to winter. It was a tapestry of different tones and colours. I was really happy to grab this photo as golden light hit a grove of aspen in the mid-ground.