A portrait photograph of a homeless woman in Regina, Saskatchewan

Me: So tell me a bit of your story, have you always been in Regina?

Sarah: Yeah I’ve been in Regina my whole life

M: How old are your three kids?

S: 1, 2, and 4

M: So he (oldest) will be in school next year?

S: He’s already in school and he’s (pointing to second) will be in pre-school.

M: So how long have you been coming to Carmichael?

S: I’ve been coming here since I was 5 with my dad.

M: Is your dad still in town?

S: He’s in jail.

M: Any other family in town?

S: Yeah all my family. I only have 2 grandmas and the rest are deceased.

M: So is most of your day looking after these three? I can only imagine.

S: Yeah. We go for walks all the time. We walk to my aunties. She only lives 5 blocks away from us. It’s just me and the kids

To help people like this please visit www.carmichaeloutreach.ca or www.maybelldevelopments.com and consider donating or volunteering today.