S: Hey Mike, are you from here?

M: For 19 years I’ve been here.

S: What brought you here in the first place?

M: Jail.

S: When did you get out?

M: When I was 19.

S: What have you been doing these last 19 years?

M: Living life. Partying.

S: How long have you been with Carmichael?

M: 5 years.

S: Are they good folks?

M: They are. One big happy family.

S: Do you have family around?

M: Yeah I do.

S: Do you see them?

M: I really don’t bother my family.

S: Do you have a place?)

M:Yes I do. It’s an apartment which Carmichael helped me get. It’s an apartment by myself.

S: When you’re not there where are you?

M: Here (Carmichael). Volunteer. Work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

S: What kind of work do you do?

M: I answer the door for the donations. Then I haul the stuff for the donations to the sorting room and then from the sorting room I put it up for the public. And I help with the housing team to house people and the moves. Help them move in and move out. Help them move into a new place (that would be fun) It is fun. And see their emotions in their faces.

S: Have you ever had to live on the street?

M: I did for two years. It’s tough. Especially in winter.

S: What did you do to survive in the winter?

M: Find the warmest parkade ever. Hope security doesn’t kick you out.

S: Do you mind if I take your photo?

M: Yeah (insert pose)

To help people like this please visit www.carmichaeloutreach.ca or www.maybelldevelopments.com and consider donating or volunteering today.