A portrait photograph of a homeless man in Regina, Saskatchewan
Len: Good thing I shaved this morning! I wasn’t gonna shave for a while (Laughter)
Me: What’s your name?
L: Len Ochapowace from the Ochapowace first nation.
M: What brought you to Regina?
L: I was born and raised here.
M: You have family here?
L: Yeah, sisters. One sister, the other sister deceased back in 2010
M: What happened?
L: Just smoked too much.
M: You have a place right now?
L: Yeah a little rooming house, shared bathroom, shared kitchen. I was surprised. I was living in an apartment by myself, master suite for 650 and then I got fired and I couldn’t afford the 650 so uh, I went to social services and starting getting assistance and they put me on the TEA program (Temporary Employment Allowance). They didn’t give me enough to pay my rent, it was only $583. So I put as much towards the rent as I could. The landlord waited until I owed one month rent, then he evicted me. It was reasonable, I cleaned it up the best I could. And then this friend of mine told me about Recovery Manor. So he talked to this one guy and next thing I know I was looking at it, really happy cuz I could get off my friend’s couch. I was getting in his hair and he was getting in mine (Laughter: That does happen when you are in close quarters like that) Ya, I wasn’t used to that, I was used to bein’ by myself.
M: So do you have any work right now?
L: Nah, constantly searching everyday
M: What did you used to do?
L: Maintenance. When I lost my license, it was my own stupidity. I need it back but it’s going to cost me some money. I went way down in debt, I didn’t know how I did. Just by having one drink.
M: Tell me about your sign, what does that mean to you?
L: Jesus is the most amazing person to ever walk this world. He found me in the year 2000
M: What happened in the year 2000?
L: He came into my life. I was hurting and something happened to me, I can’t explain it, you have to experience it for yourself. The Holy Spirit changed me.

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