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An abstract photograph of ice on Abraham Lake in the Canadian Rockies

Split – 2020

In the winter, Abraham Lake takes on some beautiful features. While a lot of visitors are drawn to the lake because of the methane bubbles, the lake is full of other features that make it a fun visit. Although it’s a man-made lake, it possesses the blue colour of other glacial lakes in the Canada Rockies. When conditions are right (especially earlier in the winter), you can experience this beautiful colour in the ice with interesting cracks, bubbles, and other features.

So during my Canadian Rockies trip in January of 2020, I spent time on two separate occasions exploring the lake, looking for intimate or abstract photographs of the ice on the lake. When the lake is clear, and the temperatures stay below zero, you are treated to incredibly clear ice with limitless composition possibilities. So when I finally stumbled on this particular scene, I worked it until I captured what you see here.

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