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A hidden waterfall in the Canadian Rockies

Serenity – 2020

This landscape photograph was captured in Kananaskis Country during the peak of the fall season in the Canadian Rockies. In 2019 a friend and I decided we would like to accomplish our first back-country camping trip together into Tonquin Valley. What resulted was mud-filled boots, a wet tent, tired legs, but happy faces and lots of adventure. It wasn’t long before we were planning our next adventure in 2020. We decided early on that we wouldn’t attempt another back-country camping trip but instead, camp front-country, attempting day hikes during the day instead. 

After hiking Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass on the first day, we sat around a roaring campfire that evening, discussing the itinerary for the following day. We knew where we wanted to be for sunset, but the rest of the day was still a mystery. We were looking for something that we could fit into a morning, so I called on my friend and fellow Canadian photographer Nicholas Gabruch for some recommendations. He said he found a unique waterfall in Kananaskis Country and sent a photo. As soon as his photograph of this location loaded on my phone, I knew we had to find it. 

After a beautiful sunrise at Wedge Pond that morning, we arrived at the trailhead to the lake that feeds this waterfall. After a short hike, we came across the main creek. I followed his instructions and went upstream a bit to find this photogenic waterfall. After some exploring and bushwacking, we came upon it. It wasn’t easy to stay dry as the best photo of this falls occurs while standing on some slippery rocks in the middle of a cold, deep, fast creek. But after some precarious maneuvering, I found my spot and snapped this photograph.

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