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A nature photograph of the popular Troll Falls in Kananaskis Country

Serenade – 2021

Troll Falls in Kananaskis Country is a popular hike. It’s short, family-friendly, and offers some incredible scenery. I struggle to think about another area in the Canadian Rockies that has as many cascades. I had been there several years ago and made a couple of photographs, but I was a very different photographer in July of 2021. I was looking forward to creating something that better represented my current photographic style.

We arrived at this particular waterfall in the middle of the day in blazing sunlight, and I set out to try and capture something compelling. I saw this small cascade and tried it as a foreground. Immediately, I loved the visual flow to the main waterfall, but the light was horrid. There were bright highlights in places I didn’t want and lots of contrast. We hung out for a while and waited to see if a cloud would obscure the sun. I watched as a small cumulus cloud approach our area and crossed my fingers. My wife remarked that it looked like the cloud would bring rain, but I argued that would be unlikely. Lesson learned, your wife is always right. No sooner did our disagreement end than a clap of thunder broke the serenity of the location. As the rain drew near, I grabbed this photograph just as the harsh light disappeared from the scene. I packed quickly as we felt the first few raindrops. By the time we got back on the main trail, those few drops turned to a torrential downpour and we enjoyed our hike out in the rain.

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