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An intimate landscape photograph of an old Cottonwood tree in vibrant spring colour in Wascana Trails, Saskatchewan

Seasonal Growth – 2020

Last year’s spring season came and went so fast I never had the opportunity to photograph much of the vibrant spring colour. Before spring came and went this year, I convinced myself to get out often, so I could take advantage of the short, but beautiful, spring season in Saskatchewan. Around here, spring comes in two distinct stages. First, we see the aspen and birch gain their green buds, followed by some of the older cottonwoods. It was this second stage that I wanted to ensure I took full advantage.

After a weekend trip to the Great Sandhills, and a couple of evening outings near home, my wife and I took advantage of a kid-free weekend to do some hiking in a local hiking area called Wascana Trails. Wascana Trails is home to a handful of old cottonwood trees. As we planned our outing, I made sure we had time to experience some direct light before the sun dipped below the valley edge. We hiked to the top of a small hill where I spent some time photographing the evening light as it hit the old cottonwoods that were beginning to bud with a zoom lens.

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