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Abstract photography of mud cracks in Saskatchewan reflecting twilight colours.

Puzzle – 2019

This intimate landscape photo is mud cracks near the Claybank Brick Plant in Saskatchewan. Since I first saw photos of mud cracks from Sarah Marino I’ve been obsessed with finding a composition of my own. After photographing several versions of them over the past several months I finally stumbled on this set in late June during a visit to one of my favourite places in Saskatchewan. 

Believe it or not, I came back twice to photograph this dried mud. The first time, I waited for twilight to cast reflected light on the clay but a large cloud obscured the light and the colour never came. I determined that I would come back when conditions were clearer and try again. Conditions aligned a week later and I went back and photographed this version.

The clay here absorbed the different colours of twilight. It was fascinating to watch the colours change over the course of 30 minutes. The clay went from deep purple, to this combination of blue and purple, and finished a deep shade of blue when the sun got very low below the horizon.  

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