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An abstract or close up photograph of a pair of tiger or prairie lillies in Saskatchewan

Twins – 2018

This is the Prairie Lily or the Western Red Lily. It just so happens to be a part of the Saskatchewan flag. Supposedly there were once a lot of these in the wild but for various reasons, mostly related to humanity’s embarrassing relationship with nature, has caused this sight to be much more of a rarity in the wild. So when I saw my first wild one ever last week I got very excited and I spent far to long looking around my location for some sort of composition. I came across a total of 5 lilies and just so happened to find these two side by side. I worked this composition for longer than I would care to admit and have several versions but in the end I went with just this basic single exposure at f3.5 which is just enough depth of field to get the flower and leave the rest of the image shrouded in mystery.

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