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An intimate landscape photograph of an old poplar tree surrounded by vivid fall colours in Wascana Trails, Sasktchewan

Personality – 2021

This nature photograph was taken in Wascana Trails near Regina, Saskatchewan. For the past year, I had an image concept lodged in my brain. This concept was inspired by Alex Noriega and his image entitled “Rainbow Rider”. But, after a few failed excursions through rural Saskatchewan, I had mostly given up on this concept working locally. It wasn’t until an early Saturday jaunt out to Wascana Trails that I was finally able to make this concept a reality.

Waking up for an early sunrise is always a difficult thing. But I knew I would regret my decision to stay in my nice warm bed and not get out and chase some fall colors. So, to counter this, I called on a friend. Thankfully, he was interested in heading out, so we committed to getting up early and heading for Wascana Trails.

The forecast was for cloud cover most of the morning which, based on what I wanted to photograph, was not a bad thing. It creates a flat light which is fantastic for creating more abstract images. So, I was looking forward to seeing what I could find. As we started our hike, I could see an odd “character” tree or two mixed with the younger trees with vibrant foliage.

So when this tree came into full view, I was more than happy to see it. Instantly, I knew I needed to make an image of it. After exploring for a few more minutes I set up this composition and fulfilled the image concept that had dogged me for so long.

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