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An abstract landscape photograph of the river near Natural Bridge in the Canadian Rockies

Overtake – 2021

After our first sunrise during our landscape photography trip to the Canadian Rockies in 2021 flopped with blue skies, we debated where we could go to take advantage of the conditions we were presented with. I’ve photographed Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park a couple of times now and indicated that it might be a good bet if it had frozen over. We agreed and began the long trek to Field, British Columbia. As we approached the small town, we noticed that the sun had just come around a mountain and was flooding the cold valley with the first warm, beautiful light of the day. This was causing a lot of steam to come off the creek system. We pulled over immediately and both made serendipitous images that would be some of our favourites of the trip.

After packing up from that shoot, we proceeded to Natural Bridge. When we arrived, we found that, even though it was the middle of January, the cave had not frozen over yet. My friend thought we should explore up the river to find some trees buried in snow. As we snowshoed in, I saw this scene and loved it immediately. The frozen blue river blended so seamlessly with the surrounding snow and the shadows from the sun setting behind the nearby trees created beautiful lines across my scene.

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