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Stranger – 2018

Wake up call at 2 AM to head out with promises of clear skies during the April 2018 new moon. I had this Saskatchewan location pegged during the winter and honestly didn’t know what to expect outside of a couple of lone trees in a little valley. When I got to the location I stumbled across this little pond from the spring melt with these little mounds of soil and grass dotting throughout the pond. Most of the mounds were to the far left and the composition just wasn’t as good so I committed to this comp with only a couple of those mounds for foreground interest and set up my project with only an hour and a half before astro dawn. The sky is a 2 panel tracked pano (landscape-3 exposures stacked) and during these exposures I captured the meteor as well as the iridium flare, the foreground is also a 2-panel stitch (landscape-3 exposure stacked). Once I got these exposures I set up the tracker to track the core in the water and got an exposure for that. Technically, it’s a complex photograph, but one that tells the story of an incredible night under the stars.

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