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An abstract landscape photograph of different coloured aspen leaves covering the ground

Light Catchers – 2020

This abstract landscape photograph was captured during fall in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan. It was the middle of October already, and incredibly, there were still golden leaves on some of the aspen trees in Saskatchewan. After warmer temperatures in the fall of 2020, the fall foliage had hung on much longer than in past years. However, the wind was hoping to change that. As is often the case with shoulder seasons in Saskatchewan, the wind comes along with seasonal changes. In fall, this means a leaf apocalypse.

This photograph marked my last fall foray into my local Saskatchewan woodland. I knew after a few days of windy conditions combined with the timing of late fall; vibrant fall leaves would be all over the forest floor. It was just about finding the right location where there would be enough new leaf fall to create layers of different colours.

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