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A landscape photograph of Tangle Ridge in the Canadian Rockies during winter

Is That Photoshopped? – 2022

Why yes, yes, it is. The first thing you need to know – this is not a real photograph. Yes, this is a real place. And, yes, this kind of light can happen in exactly this spot. However, on the morning we went there, there were few clouds in the sky, it was near 0 Celsius, and there was no atmosphere.

I liked the composition, and Tangle Ridge is a stunning mountain, but I was never going to finish this photo. That is, until we got beautiful sun halo in Saskatchewan a couple of weeks after the trip. I simply changed the sky, added a bunch of atmospherics, and shaped the light in the scene to give a dramatic feeling. This is a Photoshopped photo of what a sun halo in this location ‘could’ look like.

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