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An intimate landscape photograph of a tree in Wascana Trails Saskatchewan getting hit by sunrise

Here Comes the Sun – 2020

Wascana Trails in Saskatchewan is a hiking area I’ve visited quite often. It’s near my Regina home, so when conditions are right, it’s a great photography destination. That morning conditions were about as good as a landscape photographer could ask for. As I looked out my bedroom window upon waking that morning, I was surprised to see thick, dense fog had enveloped our area overnight. Immediately my mind raced through some of the potential locations I could visit to take advantage, settling on Wascana Trails. The thing is, this nature preserve sits in the Qu’appelle Valley near Lumsden. Meaning, weather conditions at home, like great fog or mist, doesn’t always equate to the same conditions in the valley. The valley almost always has unique weather conditions, be it temperature or moisture. Sure enough, this day was no different. No sooner did I drive off the highway towards the valley than the fog began to evaporate.

Upon arriving at Wascana Trails, the fog had almost completely disappeared. There was a faint mist left on the side that was still in shadow, backlit by the morning sun. I moved as quickly as I could to get to this familiar spot to take advantage of what little atmosphere was left. As soon as I set up, I watched some spectacular rays of light cut through the mist, highlighting the frost tipped trees.

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