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An intimate landscape photo of a reflection of pine trees in Jasper National Park

Flame – 2019

Our family makes an annual pilgrimage to the Canadian Rockies for some camping and hiking. In the summer of 2019 we ended up spending some time in Jasper National Park in north Alberta. Having only visited this particular Canadian park I was excited to see some of the spots that I’ve seen images from. The mountains here are some of my favourite peaks, generally I would say that Jasper appears to be more “ruggedly” beautiful than its neighbouring national parks. 

While visiting Pyramid Mountain near the town of Jasper with the family, I noticed that opposite our picnic spot there was a beautiful reflection of the trees on the other shoreline. What I enjoyed about the scene was the blend of colours. Jasper National Park has been attacked by the pine beetle and the result is a lot damage to the pine forest there. This causes the trees to die and turn red and then grey. During the slow descent to red, the trees go through the green to red colour spectrum. You can see the mixture of colours in this photo.   

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