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An intimate landscape photograph of fall foliage in Wascana Trails, Saskatchewan

Explosion – 2020

This intimate landscape photograph from Saskatchewan during the peak of the 2020 fall season features an explosion of fall colours. In 2019 I completely misjudged when peak fall foliage would be in Wascana Trails. By the time I visited the area, fall was just about over with only a few leaves left on the trees. Granted, I did go home with this photograph, one of my favourites of last year. This year though, I was determined to time my visit during the peak of fall colours. After a couple of trips too early, I managed to time this visit with fellow Canadian landscape photographer Logan Hertes at the perfect time.

After hiking around and exploring different compositions, we parted ways. I took the long path back to the parking lot through an area I had never experienced. The minute I saw this explosion of colour in the distance, I knew I had to try and get a photograph of it. I set up this composition and waited for the sun to get to just the right position to backlight the beautiful fall foliage.

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