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Fog in a Saskatchewan woodland. A group of red leaves is highlighted in the center.

Endure – 2019

This is an abstract nature photograph of a small grove of trees in White Butte Trails near Regina, Saskatchewan. This type of woodland photography is one of my favourite types. Probably because of the challenge that it presents. This woodland area is a chaotic one, there is dense underbrush in a lot of the areas and most groves are littered with younger trees that make a mess of potential photography opportunities. It is these factors that make fog a welcome sight. It provides a bit of separation between elements.

One foggy morning I ventured out for a morning hike and brought my camera. I hiked aimlessly, looking for something to photograph and came across this small section of trees that had some potential. Finally pulling out my camera, I worked the scene for quite some time, grabbing a fairly uninspiring photo about 10 feet from this scene. It wasn’t until reviewing the photo that I noticed this small branch of leaves coming in from the right of the frame. I looked again through my camera and noticed this composition for the first time, having completely missed it during my first run through! Slowing down is a very important part of landscape photography. 

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