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An intimate landscape photograph of two mountains surrounded in light and clouds in the Canadian Rockies

Dynamic Duo – 2021

Our trip to the Canadian Rockies was filled with ample opportunity to photograph beautiful medium to high altitude clouds matched with gorgeous mountain scenery. The one thing missing, though, was fresh snow. In the two weeks leading up to our trip to the mountains, the area received no real new snow. That trend continued during our first days there.

It wasn’t until the last day there that we saw our first low clouds or the week. These brought small snow flurries with them, but more of interest to us, these clouds finally brought some moody conditions to the Rockies as low clouds and fog danced around mountain peaks. Around mid-morning, I was driving along in Kananaskis Country after a sunrise shoot, and the light kept getting better. I kept glancing out my window for an opportunity to make a photograph of the beautiful conditions and slammed on the brakes as this scene unfolded in front of me.

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