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An intimate landscape photograph of aspen trees in the fall at White Butte Trails Saskatchewan

Disorder – 2020

This intimate landscape photograph was captured in White Butte Trails during the end of the 2020 fall season. Having visited this nature area numerous times over the years, I am intimately familiar with what each trail brings. So, it was no surprise that during a warm fall with lots of beautiful vibrant fall foliage that I explored White Butte Trails several times during the season. However, this year was different than others; I found myself uninspired by this local woodland. Perhaps it was because I had been there so many times and was familiar with every square foot of the park. Or maybe it was the lack of dynamic weather conditions during this year’s fall. Whatever the reason, the chaotic nature of this woodland was leading to many hikes but few photos.

Then one day, I came around the bend and spotted this small grove of aspen. As is usual for this nature area, it was very chaotic, but I decided right then and there to embrace that chaos and try to capture an image that showed the beauty inside of that chaos. It took a while to get this scene framed (longer than my dog would have liked!), but eventually, I was able to capture an image of the chaos of this nature area that doesn’t push the eye away. A photograph that instead invites the eye to move further in, to wonder.

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