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Landscape Photograph of a beam of light invading the forest at Johnston Canyon

Dichotomy – 2019

I hiked into Johnston Canyon in the Canadian Rockies for some frozen waterfalls and other abstract photographs. After a few days of checking out the iconic photos in Banff National Park, I was looking forward to an afternoon of some more unique images. If you haven’t hiked this place in the winter I would highly recommend it if you’re in the area. While I had some more abstract/unique images in mind prior to venturing on the hike I can’t say I expected to do any forest photography along this hike. That was of course until I saw what the light was doing in the trees alongside the trail! I quickly set up my gear and got this one photo before the light left the scene for good. I filmed a landscape photography vlog that goes behind the scenes of this image where I detail my approach to this scene. That can be found Here.