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An abstract photograph of autumn leaves set in front of aspen tree trunks in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan

Confetti – 2019

This nature photograph was taken in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan, during the peak of autumn colours. After spending some time the day before hiking in White Butte Trails, I came across a small stand of aspen trees. These trees were dressed in their full autumn colours and immediately I spotted a compelling composition. However, I was without my camera at the time, so I logged their location with the anticipation of returning when the light was ideal. It just so happened that that would occur the very next day.

Fog enveloped the surrounding area that morning, so immediately, I knew what I wanted to photograph. So, I left home before sunrise to catch this image before the morning fog lifted. However, by the time I got to White Butte Trails, the fog had all but dissipated. The light, however, was just right. I zoomed in on an area of the aspen grove with fairly prominent leaves and grabbed this photograph.

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