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An abstract photograph of aspen leaves on a fresh bed of snow in Saskatchewan

Change – 2019

This abstract photograph was taken during the transition of fall to winter in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan. The fall photography season of 2019 was a strange one. Even though there was beautiful fall foliage to be found earlier in the fall in the valleys of Saskatchewan, a cold snap ruined what was shaping up to be breathtaking fall colours on the flatland. Just as the leaves began to turn vibrant shades of gold and orange, the weather turned nasty. An abnormal cold snap hit Saskatchewan at the beginning of October, speeding up the progression of fall. In fact, in a matter of 3 days, the leaves went from almost yellow, to brown.

But, with the cold during a wet fall season comes snow. This created some beautiful conditions for landscape photography. It clung to the trees, and, because of the cold, the leaves were dropping off the trees onto a fresh blanket of snow. After exploring White Butte Trails and seeing this amazing arrangement of leaves in the snow, I grabbed this photo of the changing seasons.

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