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An abstract photo of the water on Cerulean Lake in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Cerulean – 2019

This intimate landscape photograph was taken with my wife in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. This incredible park is home to some of Canada’s most awe-inspiring peaks and breathtaking lakes. One of those lakes is Cerulean Lake. It lies at the base of Sunburst Peak and is home to some of the most beautiful blue water in the Canadian Rockies, as it’s name would suggest. 

As we walked along the lakeshore I was fascinated with the texture of the water. Nearer to the shoreline, the wind was pushing the water into the rocky shore and, from there, the water would bounce back. This created some of the most fascinating texture and ripples I’ve seen. That combined with the riveting colour of the water, and I knew I had to spend some time trying to compose an image of it. 

This was taken with a telephoto lens and a polarizer that wasn’t completely rotated so as not to eliminate all reflections but did eliminate the harshest of them. This technique revealed the beautiful colour in the water at Cerulean Lake.

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