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A landscape photograph of old growth forest along the Ancient Cedars Boardwalk near Whistler, British Columbia

Ancient – 2019

This nature photograph was taken in a grove of old growth forest along the Ancient Cedars Trail near Whistler, British Columbia. While planning for our family trip out to British Columbia to visit family I came across this hike online. Being a Saskatchewan boy with limited access to old growth forest I instantly put this hike on our list to do as a family.

The hike itself was a lot of fun even though the mosquitoes absolutely tormented us and the logging road up to the trailhead pretty much destroyed our 4 tires. As usual, I really struggled with how to photograph this grove of forest. I needed to use a wide angle lens to fit the trees in frame at all but wide angle distortion did nothing to convey how large these trees actually are. That said, imagine two families with a total of 5 kids unable to wrap their arms around these trees. That is how big some of these monsters are, with a couple of the cedars clocking in at over 1,000 years old. Some of the trees in this particular photograph are over 600 years old.

Pictured in the foreground is called “Devil’s Club” and was quite prevalent in this grove of old cedars. To purchase a luxury fine art print of this photo please use the button below.