Photography Tutorials and Video Journal

This is my landscape photography video journal with some free photography tutorials. I started these with the hope that these would inspire and teach you some landscape photography tips, my approach, my philosophy, and a bit of my workflow. Some of them include a blog post attached to video. Just click the “Read More” button under each description to check out the blog post.

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6 Tips for Better Image Composition in Landscape Photography

In this photography tutorial, I’ll review 6 tips for better composition in your nature and landscape photography. However, this isn’t just another video talking about the rule of thirds and other rules for image composition. My goal is that by the end of this tutorial, you’re encouraged to free yourself from restrictive composition rules in landscape photography so you can be truly creative. To help you with that, I’ll be sharing my 5 favorite approaches to composition in the field, and share some tips for defining the subject of your photo.

Fall Colors 2019 Series | Landscape Photography in Saskatchewan

Fall of 2019 was a productive photography season for me. Not only did I get to experience some great hiking and some great conditions, I also took home a few photographs that I was proud of and are in my portfolio today. Hiking in White Butte Trails, Fairy Hill, and Wascana Trails, my fall photography didn’t take place far from home. These five videos cover each of my outings, showing some of the behind the scenes, the unedited photos, and some photography tips along the way.

Fall Colours Pt. 1 | Landscape Photography in Saskatchewan

Landscape Photography Fail | Chasing Fall Colours in Saskatchewan

Landscape Photography | Chasing Fall Colours After a Winter Storm

Forest Photography with Flat Light | Autumn Colours in Saskatchewan

Landscape Photography | Photography the Transition Between Autumn and Winter in Saskatchewan

Tonquin Valley hike in Jasper National Park – Landscape Photography

A friend and I do the Tonquin Valley hike in Jasper National Park during a September backcountry camping trip with hopes for some landscape photography. After getting some nice light on Pyramid Mountain behind Patricia Lake the first morning we battled rain and cloudy conditions for the remainder of the 3-day Tonquin Valley hike. I managed to capture some moody landscape photography in Tonquin Valley itself and filmed other pieces of the hike to show what conditions are like on a rainy September.

6 things I wish I knew when I started landscape astrophotography

The 6 things I would different if I started landscape astrophotography today. I’ve been heavily photographing the night sky for three years. I am what they call ‘self-taught’; otherwise known as mistake-prone. There is a lot of good advice out there but also a lot of bad advice. I hope to sift through some of that in this episode. If you would prefer to read my photography tutorial please click the Read More link below.

Wildflowers and Mosquitoes in Saskatchewan | Landscape Photography

In this weeks episode I battle the mosquitoes for some peaceful landscape photography in an area south of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. After testing Deep Woods Off I managed to reshoot a composition that I photographed last year, this time for real! I photographed both the sunset photo and the moon photo with my Nikon D800e on a Tamron 15-30 2.8.

Landscape Photography of a Saskatchewan sunset

I head into a unique area in Saskatchewan for a landscape photography sunset shoot. While I was able to photograph the area I was disappointed to see the graffiti and garbage in the area. I chat about how we should be treating the landscapes we all enjoy by leaving it better.

The Search for Abstracts

With winter drawing to a close I head into a Saskatchewan woodland (White Butte Trails) for some landscape photography. With a nice soft light and brown conditions, I hunt for some more abstract type images. No grand landscapes in this photography vlog!

Landscape Photography in “Flat” Saskatchewan

In this photography vlog I head to Crooked Lake, Saskatchewan for sunrise and landscape and abstract photography. Crooked lake is a nature area and has some unique geological terrain. Combine this with some really breathtaking light across the valley floor, an abstract I had been looking for all winter, and you get some good nature photography

Planning Tools for Night Photography

Learn how I plan for all my landscape astrophotography. This photography tutorial will cover the tools and tips for planning for night photography and will work with any telephoto or wide-angle night photography that includes the landscape.

Landscape Photography with the Tamron 70-200 2.8 G2

My Saskatchewan landscape photography vlog where I briefly review and use my new Tamron 70-200 2.8 G2 lens. I start off with a little review of the lens and describe my experience purchasing from Amazon Wharehouse Deals. Don’t worry though! This isn’t a gear review. For most of the video I take the new lens on two trial runs on location in Saskatchewan

Photoshop: How to Focus Stack

This is a photography tutorial where I teach you how to to focus stack your landscape photos in Photoshop and in the field. It is a photographic and post processing technique used to overcome softness in the parts of your photos that aren’t in perfect focus. Also, I will include one tip that saved me hours and isn’t a technique that many know about.

Photographing Frozen Waterfalls

In my last landscape photography vlog in the Canadian Rockies for the winter of 2019 I hike and doing some landscape photography in Johnston Canyon. Known for ice and frozen waterfalls in the winter months, it proved to be a fairly successful location for some more abstract photography. I was even able to dabble in some forest photography!

Landscape Photography at Emerald Lake: Planning and Patience.

Join me for a morning of landscape photography at the iconic Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park where the most mind blowing light happened. In this photography vlog I talk about planning for landscape photography, being patient for the right conditions to materialize. Also, I walk through how to take a panorama in the field.

Why Bother With Landscape Photography?

In this landscape photography vlog I talk about how understanding why we do landscape photography can help our photographs get stronger. How can a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with the land help us take photos that move us and are powerful?
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